Thursday, March 16, 2006

JPE live at Grand Parade , Halifax , thursday , March 30 .

showtime is 7:40 pm

Friday, March 10, 2006

While Joel tours the southern US on his lonesome , Emergency Dave will be hooking up with fellow leading ladies The Superfriendz for a special one off gig spectacular at Dalhousie University's Grawood lounge in Halifax , Sat .March 11th . Openers include Mike O'Neil's latest power duo The Self Conscious , complete with Trailer Park Boyos director Mike Clattenburg on the tubs .
come for the beer , stay for the free uber-rare cd give away .
terrible photo D.Marsh

Friday, March 03, 2006

Joel Plaskett Emergency in Toronto ( where else ) this Saturday at the Rivoli .

Well , yet another incendiary performance from the JPE this weekend . It was too bad the public were not invited but you have to give those industry types plenty of room to lig it up . Several brave attempts were seen to be made by the proles to get in and some were even successful ... no problem .
Thems that got in saw a whole host of East Coast talent the likes of Matty Mays and the El Torpedos , Wintersleep , JP Cormier , Jenn Grant , Tyler Messick , Carmen Townsend, Brent Randall , Jill Barber , and a surprise last minute set from ex pats Galore which rocked our increasingly tipsy world .

If you live in the good 'ol USA keep an eye out for Joel ( solo ) careening a rented vehicle somewhere near you throughout March . He'll be playing shows with two of Canada's most smoking musicians , Sarah Harmer and Kathleen Edwards .

Now here's a photo of the first thing that catches our fancy . Rock on ,Tommies .

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Gigs ... Arts Guild and Myrons , PEI ;

All ages action at the Arts Guild in Charlottetown with Moncton's The Call Up , Halifax's Their Majestys , and PEI 's own Two Hours Traffic working the kids ( mostly ) into a frenzy and leaving little left over for the Joel Plaskett Emergency . But exhaustion was no match for the stormbringers and everyone was slayed all over again . 10 points for the classic rock ref .

Myrons was insanity personified in the form of an ungodly tandem ; a giant lineup to get in / and temperatures hovering in the low minus 90's . Still , them that survived were witness to an especially good showing by the band and all was forgiven we're sure .
The ECMA's and winter ... perennial tribulations .