Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Super Friendz Mid-Winter Dance Party ....10 lbs , Come Clean ,Karachi Man , Rescue Us From Boredom , The Theme ....Were we on amyl nitrate or were the tunes always that fast ? Christ . Still not dressed .
Heavy time last night , band was on ,fun had by all . Still plenty of space left for tonight's reminder of what rock and roll is all about . How goooood is Up and Running ..?

Advance tickets available at Tribeca
Tues-sat 11:30am - 2 am 492 4036 Friday is looking to be sold out soon , but Saturday still has tickets . Also the downstairs bar is no cover and you can hear it almost as good .

Live at Tribeca , Granville St. , Halifax
Friday Jan .30 , And Saturday , Jan.31 , 9:30 pm sharp .

AL Tuck , Lil Orton Hoggett , and Amelia Curran , Wednesday , 28th , Rebecca Cohn

Monday, January 19, 2009

Joel Plaskett's new TRIPLE album has been making the rounds and they're already talking Oscar . He looks sure to maintain his championship belt , resplendent with JOEL buckle . Early faves include Beyond ,Beyond ,Beyond ; Sailors Eyes ; Rollin ,Rollin' ,Rollin' and Demons . But there's still a lot to digest ; a real King of Donair effort .And just as satisfying .

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Joel Plaskett was there . He braved the minus a million degrees and crossed the harbour on the ferry , in quiet sea smoke , heading for the Seahorse . Stove and Tommy too . Vic , of course . Cambo ,Steph . John Wesley . Claire . Radiant . Striking . Hugh and Chris Laing . On and on .
Trouble about recalling everybody is just that . All sorts .
Downtown on a Wednesday night in January is for the lucky . Stand on Argyle street , cozy and spacious and chatty and quiet . You hear talk about hockey and guitars , old concerts and this coming summer . Donstock 4 . 15 paid and a guest list as big . Man , that's life in Halifax in January . Flick yer butt in the gutter James Cook spat in .
Skank William's have rejuvenated my faith in a stage , and a guitar/banjo .
Al Tuck is downstairs asleep . It was a late one .

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The SEAHORSE TAVERN nav com tav presents

, Wed. Jan. 14 ,
The True Love Rules
with support , GENIUS Songwriter AL TUCK AND SKANK WILLIAMS ...doors 8pm
$6 great depression era prices
...also what's this? The SUPER FRIENDZ LIVE ! TRIBECA , friday Jan.30th , 9:30 sharp , no openers $12