Saturday, September 29, 2007

This comes straight from the TIKI LOUNGE in downtown everywhere .
STEVE POLTZ played a mesmerizing entertaining two sets tonight to a sold out TIKI panel of expats and wine cona - sirs . He will be playing tomorrow ( saturday ) night at Gingers in Halifax . Cash in your rookie cards and vintage bake-alite ( sp ? ) bracelets because you do not want to deprive yourself of this entertainment machine .
Turn off the fucking TV and fill the cats feed bowl . Get down and gt with it . You'll kiss yourself in the bathroom mirror .
Steve Poltz , writer of Jewel's big hit song will save your soul with humour and rare talent .

Friday, September 21, 2007

The Joel Plaskett Emergency travels at all times with at least three men in beards . This gives Joel the advantage of looking fresh as a daisy when accosted by the paparazzo .
L to R ; Ace soundman Patrick Dooley , Pete Elkas , Chris Pennell .
Babies , babies , babies . CONGRATULATIONS to Emergency life time alumni McGetts and the lovely Miruna on the birth of young Charlie the girl . Also Murph and Rebecca weighing in with their fine entry , Francisco the boy .

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The official JPEmergency fantasy soccer game is now heading into week 7 . Never too late to join and put a team together . Week 6 saw Rayovac , managed by Melissa B , stay at the top , with a 6 point lead over Sid Snot's , Skaville Skanks . Mel claims to have chosen her players on a Joel related basis but we here at HQ figure she really just has her eye on that big prize at the end of the season . And what a season so far ; Jose leaves Chelsea ?! Coulda knocked me over with a feather had I not been lying upside down when I heard it . ED.
The Glorious Life , the JPEmergency official fantasy footie league . Get down and Get with it .
Head to and sign up for The Glorious Life with number 177623- 66030 .

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Next Gig ; Wednesday , September 19 , The Government , Toronto , 9:30 pm . With the fabulous K-OS . Plus , You say party We say Die!, Jewish Legend and other great shit . C'mon out y'know .

Well , not much to say about that one . Thanks to such a big turnout of the JPE army for our short , confused ,opening spot . Good times .

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Thanks to the fabulous The Golden Dogs for the frosh week touring companionship . Thanks Dave, Jess , Stu , Neil , and Taylor . The saints were marching in .
Also cheers , The Tom Fun Orchestra , Aaron MacDonald , Pascal Picarde Band .

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sunday , day off . Tha band had a great one at St. FX last night . All the Uni gigs have been good this week .
The group has split up for the day with Joel heading to Halifax for tea with his mum and dropping Pete Elkas off at the airport for his proper gig in TO at the Drake .

But we are in Mabou , Cape Breton , on a warm and sunny september day . Bloody magnificent . Time for a guiness on the lawn , I reckon .

See everyone at Cape Breton Uni tomorrow , monday , night .

peace, love , Bobby Sherman .

Monday, September 03, 2007

Frosh week gigs

Tuesday 4th ... Mount Allison University

Wednesday 5th ...Dalhousie University Quad

Thursday 6th ....University of PEI

Friday 7th .... University of New Brunswick

Saturday 8th ...St. F.X. Bloomfield Centre

Monday 9th ... University of Cape Breton

St. John's , Nfld.,
say no more .
Thanks to all at Mount Pearl Arena and all the Great Big Seas for a proper rant and roar . George Street never looked so fuzzy .
Stop by and check out The Chad Murphy Trio for all your classic rock needs .