Friday, November 09, 2012

Newfoundland Labrador and fish cakes

Breakfast in Gander was the fish cakes. Just like yesterday in Bonavista was the fishcakes. Only these fish cakes were a little different; fluffier, less compact, little more h'onion. Doesn't matter, the fish cakes in Newfoundland and Labrador are what fish cakes are all about.They're like Roy Orbison songs, they are awesome everywhere.
 One small downer has been the scarcity of caribou meat , but the hunts been off for a couple years so that makes sense. We 're still hopeful of some moose.Tonight, however, is Justin's mom's place in Grand Falls, and there, awaits us, is the full jiggs dinner. Can't wait. The show might get a little bluesy for the first while.

 St. John's, Lab City, Goose Bay, Bonavista,Gander; it's all been the tour I was looking forward to.
 You're next, Grand Falls, Cornerbrook, Stephenville, Clarenville!