Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The lovely and always game ladies of Skank Williams . Tribeca ,Dec.29th .

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tribeca , on a Monday night and the mood was right ; openers Skank Williams set a beautiful tone for the night resplendent in grass skirts and sandals , complete with bubble machine and even some hula dancing . Music fans included Cliff Gibb and Angie Fenwick , Mike Lewis and Mel , The Croatian Sensation , G and Annie , Johnny ' moon dog ' Chisholm ; Hfx/Dart. Ferries : Rossy , Hugh and Steph , Rolly , ... plus , the lovely Lynette Gillis , of Plumtree fame . Highlights also include a Cool Blue Halo 3 song set with Barry , Booze and Philly .

Bo Diddley signed my fishing license .
A rockin' good time had by all at the mighty Carleton Boxing Day show and shine . the Three sets in three hours included a Joel Plaskett Emergency rave up with 5 percussionists and three piano players . Stand by for more of the same at Tribeca monday night with the stellar SKANK WILLIAMS . Theme ; M*A*S*H* goes south pacific . Santa says Don Ho Ho Ho .
Happy birthday Keith Richards .

Monday, December 01, 2008

Discs of the year: Playing by ear

Doug Taylor's high fives

Dave Marsh, The True Love Rules (New Scotland) Bursting from behind the Emergency skins, Marsh reveals mad guitar chops and a kinship with everyone from Jimmy Webb to Slade. This mature and reflective album morphs into a colossal stomper live, as on Natal Day weekend at Alderney Landing.