Monday, February 19, 2007

Joel at the ecma's

The East Coast Music Awards Show had a vintage year I think . If you were there live you would have seen and heard a top quality variety show with great sound and ohh ahh lighting .
Highlights included ; The backup singers , who were very strong all night . Measha Breuggergosman raising the standard of the evening all round and Ron Hynes' guitar ( and voice ) , which sounded like Beethoven was playing it from the wings .
There was also a woman that resembled Cate Blanchett and played the trumpet while marching in place . Needless to say , I was smitten . She was , and they were , fantastic .
Classified was really good . I mean , dope .
And I love d the whole Tribute section , especially Doris Mason's Dream a Little Dream , Ashley destroying convention and Stuart Camerons infectious love of playing .
Mary Walsh was effing HI- larious , and looked real good too .
Lottsa good performances.
There must have been something wrong ...? Oh , right . CBC has got to do something about the Broadcast sound . IT IS NOT THEIR STRONG POINT ( like me and fashion , apparently , according to some local yokel ...saucy little mall rat ) . They go to great expense and effort to produce a great live show and it is somehow sucked LIFELESS by the time it airs . Our bit alone was missing the keyboards , COMPLETELY . And of course the drums and bass have all the sturm und drang of a popcorn fart .
Things got a little better for the In Flight Safety crew , but by then it was the last song of the night and they had two keyboards to try and fill it out .Wise move .
So , yeah . You had to be there .

Friday, February 16, 2007

Find a lake

start a fire

get out yr skates

party on .

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines 07

love smoke 2005

reprinted without permission Rebecca Kraatz

Monday, February 12, 2007

Award Shows are bullshit . We all know that . None more so than the Grammys ; with the possible exception of the ECMA's . It's not necessarily the hardworking people involved , the economic spin-offs or the own self-interests of certain manipulators . Award Shows are just bullshit . It's like throwing a party for yourself and your friends and calling it the World Series . It's Arrested Development .
Last night The Grammys MENTIONED that THE DOORS had been ' awarded ' a lifetime - whatever and then moved on breathlessly to , like , Justin Timberlake . Or K Fed ( whatever the fuck that is ) . THE DOORS were a great band .Great songwriters . Top gear front man . Just listen to Soul Kitchen . Even better than Ashley Simpson . Award Shows are bullshit .
However ... , we do recognize the awesome ness factor of young Gordie Sampson winning a Grammy for co-writing Jesus Take The Wheel , sung by the not- to -shabby Carrie Underalls .
By the by , don't forget to go online and vote JOEL PLASKETT EMERGENCY at ecma .com .bull/ . Just kidding .

Monday, February 05, 2007

Friday, February 02, 2007

Even in the windows on the street
by cracked blue sash
and reflected in the subscription
the paper boy delivers to all the passersby
pic d marsh