Sunday, May 28, 2006

Montreal , Main Hall , St.Laurent ; satyr-day night in Habville . Tight quarters for a sold out show . Away , away , away , away , awwaayy , awwayyy ...
Two Hours Traffic play their last show of this tour and are off home . Bon ton all round .

Ottawa , Capital Music Hall ; Loudest crowd , room , yet . Mal makes welcome appearance . Songbird Millionaires in attendance .

Toronto , The Phoenix ; Sold Out Phoenix don't cha know . Gigantic guest list brings house to just under a million . Hotter than hell . Full metal Plaskett management team fly in from around globe . Halifax expat community out in droves ; Minature Tim IS the new black . McGetts graces the stage for a couple of numbers , Pennell won't have it and rocks the tambo into next tuesday . Pete Elkas joins band for next three shows and good-looking average of band rises to new height . Great show all round . Plaskett not happy with Sweet Leaf left in the dark .

Hamilton , The Casbah ; Back to the motherland and an ego salvaging sell out on familiar turf . Back in the Hammer and it feels good .
Matthew Barber and the Union Dues reconnect with us after Winnipeg and Two Hours Traffic role in .
Buddy needs the computer .Gotta go .

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

' It's a goddamn impossible way of life .'

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Chicago , Illinois , The Empty Bottle ; sunday night , nice club , party on ,faces melted ,etc ,etc ... Bueno Mexican grub !

Eleven hours to London with THE WORST meal at the Flint Ponderosa . Hop Sing woulda been appalled . shoulda known better ....

Tomorrow , the Hammer and a reunion with those Union Dudes .
Sleep . Party on

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Minneapolis , 7th Street Entry ; Not exactly sold out ... (photo , Chris P doffs a passed out Charlies hat )

Ron did a good job anyway . And Mobb Deep were next door so we rocked the ' Prince VIP " room for a little while but without Prince it just didn't cut it . Looked like an early night for the lads . And then came motel hell .
It was Graduation .
And the nation of bedlam did not rest , could not rest , until all the drinks were drunk and screams were screamed and prom gowns were torn . Animal House meets Carrie . ( All pop references will be in Imperial measurements )
Naturally the Emergency adapted quickly and then played open motel door host to a revolting , we mean revolving , cast of characters all night long . The second floor balcony was the place to be . There were rappers and flappers , there were students drinking Teachers , there were people from Vancouver and even the odd Newfoundlander ( real odd ) . But there was one buddy there that took the prize .
Charlie was DTK , dressed to kill , in his plaid trousers and pinstripe westcoat complete with top hat . He arrived with a nearly full bottle of Jamesons and whole lotta 'tude . A cross between a young Tom Hanks and the kid from Rushmore . We liked him instantly . We hit it off did Charlie and the Emergency . Charlie stayed the night . In fact we woke up with Charlie in our effing Bed ! ( Several layers of bedding apart , of course .) Knock , knock , housekeeping ! Yup , ok , give us a few minutes please... WTF !! ?
And that was Minneapolis . Party on Charlie and congratulations .

Friday, May 19, 2006

Fargo ,N D. A night off on our way to Minneapolis .We need it .

Winnipeg , West End Community Centre played host to a early show and Lexie taking the stage to duet with Joel on Extraordinary . Cuteness abounded .
A busy night in Winnipeg with gigs by The 'Coop' , April Wine , and The Constantines competing for the entertainment dollar . The latter gig attended by tour mates Mathew Barber and the Union Dues and one of the younger Emergencys . We say 'adios ' to the MB&UD's until Hamilton . Safe travels Mathew , Matt , Les and Keiran .
Thanks to Dom .

P.S. Oilers Win .

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Saskatoon never fails . Monday night at Amigos . Sold out rocking good time .Gigs are getting hot now . Weathers changing .
Our gigs in Saskatoon are never complete without our morning after trip to Christies Bakery and our friends Tracey and Blair Muzzollini stuffing our pockets with soccer sandwiches like the 'Beckham ' and the ' Maldini ' . There's even a 'Schevchenko ' !
Old World bakery magic .Check it out .

Doc Docherty rools .

Monday, May 15, 2006

Band spent day on highway 9 , Calgary to Saskatoon . Very beautiful . Went to Horseshoe Canyon and said ' freeze gopher !' like four times .
Tonight we destroy Amigos with our egos .
We'll never walk alone...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

We wish we could add photos from the phones and cameras we have but we just don't have the time and knowledge to get it together . Too bad too because there are some prize winning shots of Spinal Tappian pedigree .
Tonights show is back in Calgary at the Hi- Fi and is sold out yet again . La De Da !
Last night in Edmonton was a gas gas gas . And , the Oilers beat the Sharks so the town was hoppin '. Band was especially scrappy doo .
Cochrane, AB , should be renamed... um , Rockrane , after a blazing show . Such nice people .
And Lethbridge should stay named Lethbridge so people in the future can travel to the Tongue and Groove and see where that legendary Joel Plaskett Emergency melt-down occured . Cheers to Cory .

As usual Mathew Barber and the Sweeny Todds raised the temperature and the Bar for us , and we thank them.
Well ,we are off to bring the NoiZe .

Rock On .

Friday, May 12, 2006

Calgary Hi-Fi , blue shots and rim shots in a hot spot . See ya'll saturday .

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Revelstoke , B.C. Band has brief party with two huge jesus grizzlybear -like bears at side of road . Rockies are in sun and dark cloud . Rainbow is cranked .

Monday, May 08, 2006

The Central , Victoria ; Victory in Victoria . Great show with a great crowd . A good sounding room , (thanks to Mike) filled to capacity . Matt Barber and the Union Dues got it started right and the train kept a rollin' until the faces were melted . Bring on Calgary...

Commodore , Vancouver ; the band is rusty as hell .

Friday, May 05, 2006

VANCOUVER ; Plaskett has flown in from Down Under , Chris "Do you guys sell ice cream? " Pennell spent $1200 on gas and Marsh is smoking on the corner of Granville and Davie . Tomorrow the Commodore .