Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Joel , Massey Hall , soundcheck .

Massey Hall , Toronto ; Magic . Really . First time there for the band . It was quite posh but we can level any playing field pretty quickly . Joel was in fine form , in spite of the familiar road rashes that come to one's neck , back , elbow and knee . "Tis an old dog of a band now " .
The audience was beautiful , ready to listen , and ready to rock . So many friends , as with all TO shows . A grand introduction from Jeff Cohen was only topped by his , and Tara's , invitation to unwind afterwards at their pad . Which we did , along with many others . Back to the Delta at a million o clock and straight to the Campbell y Joliffe show on floor 26 .
Thanks to Paul ( `s Boutique ) Babiak for saving the day when the bass pedal exploded during You Let Me Down . Shame , had to abandon the maraca .
And thanks to everyone for making the shows in Ottawa and Monteal just as note worthy as Massey was . Thank you Barbarella`s . Thanks Lamp . Thanks Cuccina on St. Laurent . Thanks Bronson Centre . Thanks La Sala Rosa . Thanks JPE Nation .

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Joel and band are moving from the prairies to the nations capital for a few days of well desrved rest . The Emergency joins them monday for a couple days of rehearsal before the Eastern shows remaining .
Meanwhile back at the ranch , what a rocking time was had at Tribeca 'tother night . It was the closest CBGB's vibe I've felt since ... cbgb's ? Nah , the Marz bar was better . ... more like the Double Deuce on Hollis with a dash of Flamingo stage 1 ( Grafton ) . Tom Smith got so excited when we joined him on stage for Warsaw that he popped 2 strings on his fancy new Taylor acoustic . I lent him mine and he blew our minds with the original composition , Long Sleeves . The Skank Williams were next . Adorably fantastic . Then Dawn and Dave with I Remember You by Steve Earle , and on to The True Love Rules ; 3 piece , dead simple , new danelectro pedal , step ... 1 , 2 , 3 , and boom ... newbies , ' I Manipulated ' , ' We Don't Belong ', and ' Wide Boy ' . Rolly topped the evening off , joining the band onstage where we blew the lid off with his ' Raining On Me ' , Steve Jones style . Zwick did a great job FOH . Late night come down drink , home to bed . Magic .

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Happy 95th birthday, Canada's one and ONLY Singing Ranger
Hard Drinker
Loyal Husband
Devoted Father (to a rotten son)
Opry Legend
Never-to-be-Equalled Billboard Chart Record Holder
Incredible Guitar Player
Crusader for Children's Rights
Son of a Bitch
Member of Seven Halls of Fame
Snappy Dresser
Former Bootlegger
Trick Rider
Worst Toupee Ever

Hank Snow

Still Movin On