Thursday, January 31, 2013

Recording at New Scotland Yard - Sean McCann


the SEAN McCANN sessions with Erin Costello, Clive MacNutt, Dave Marsh, and Joel Plaskett

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Sean and Erin Costello
John Paul Joels

Clive MacNutt
Clive, Thomas, Joel
Sean McCann
Erin and Mason


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

CKDU Radio Show

A new year and down time for the JPE doesn't mean down time downtown. Joel's New Scotland Yard recording studio is ready and able, with Sean McCann from Great Big Sea set to record there this month. The recording band will feature Erin Costello, and the boyhood Dartmouth Duo of Clive McNutt and yours truly.
Speaking of yours truly; here's a link to a radio show on CKDU where Dave Marsh and the True Love Rules discuss and play 4 songs from the forthcoming album. Dig.
Last week's Aaron Petrie's Cosmic Haligonian Music on CKDU88.1FM featured Dave Marsh & The True Love Rules live in the studio, special lineup of Dave, Scotty Macculloch of The Straightjackets & Paul Boudreau of Cool Blue Halo. Short chat about Plan B Freeskool with one Ms. Charlene Gagnon, a Gram Parsons cover by Gillian Welch, tunes from The Handsome Family, Anthology of American Folk Music, Erin Costelo & more. Linky here-