Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Great Scots . Original Nova Scotia garage rock . Tonight ! may 8th , Live at the Seahorse Tavern !

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thanks to everyone for coming out to the Carleton last night for the full band warm up show . Excepting a mesa boogie meltdown all went well . It's gonna be good . See you out there .

Saturday, April 04, 2009

The rehearsals have kicked off . Day 5 , we'll call it a week ... Safe In Your Arms ( have good shoes ) , and Sailors Eyes provided plenty of one liners . (p.s. joel will be performing at the Legendary Taz records on Market Street in Halifax tomorrow ( sat .18th ) not sure of the time though 2 ish rings a belle . AND it's Joel's Birthday ! Happy Birthday ol man . )Day 4 , we are joined by the talented Rose Cousins , whom appears all over the album and will be all over the upcoming tour ... lucky you . Day 3 , All The Way Down The Line , Our Place in The Sun , maybe some Ashtray ?
Day 2 ; Precious , Precious , Precious and Lazy Bones are saddled , and Pine , Pine , Pine falls right in line .
Day 1 ; there's much work to be done but now it's begun , coming along nicely ( what else ? ) , Gone , Gone , Gone and Run , Run , Run .

Not long now and Joel hits the road with father Bill , Rose and Ana , and fills any cracks in the country with his hearty musical soup . If you have the opportunity , step out and take it in . It's going to be a genuine whistle stop from Esquimalt through the Canadian Rockies in a Buster Keaton-like rail ride across the prairies to the east where the sun rise back lights the old home . Handkerchiefs will wave and local guys and gals will reluctantly part with meltwater filling up their bootprints . Spring will blossom once again under the feet of all our compatriots and you'll be pressing the ticket stubs between pages in the book of love . Rock on . mmm , good wine .