Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Birthday

to the young Elk , bassist Christopher Lee Pennell .

love , all the gang

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Proper props to everyone at the gig last night in Ottawa . Bit nippy . Couldn't tell if that was stay warm stomping or fancy stomping . Good times had by all , though . Not often you rock it on a frozen Rideau Canal at Winterlude . Nice version of the Dylan tune , too .

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The ECMA are done for another year .

How else could you explain the surreal pub crawl ; the blackeye WITHIN 6 HOURS of arrival ; delivered by a man in a robins egg blue tuxedo and probable speedo . Everyone knows , " Here , catch ! " , ALWAYS comes first ... then the actual toss . Not at the ECMA . At that yearly baccahnal , grown men lock themselves out of their hotel room , naked , retrieving the paper ( if the newspaper didn't shut down overnight ) and like a Peter Sellers out-take , make their way with all the dignity they can muster to the nearest associate's room , knocking politely but really firmly . Open UP ya bastards ! . Only a pinched tea towel and a cell phone camera seperating them from immortal youtube stardom .;
It could be worse , if it's possible . Because getting T-boned at a major intersection on day one just ain't a lot of laughs . If you are driving . To the rest of us however , after t,he medical clearance , it's fair game . It all was a bit of a game hunt for some .
For us , monday brought sour heads , high winds , blowing snow , and a chance to pile a couple of liquid Aussies in the back of the suburban and head out to Halifax . To the Tiki where we would decamp , assess our assets , and put on the Faces , no doubt . It was not to be .
Somewhere between Fredericton and Nova Scotia , some joker changed the signs and we let it roll down the highway for a good 30 K before noticing a map at the Kings Landing Big Stop . You Are Here, it said, or spelled . Circled in pencil . Several times . As if this had been a topic of incomphehension before . " Isth thet da why ta Howee facks ?" Geoff the Aussie croaked halfway through a mouthful of dorritos and Monster Chaos energy drink . " .... No ", I admitted in all honesty . " We have to turn around and drive through that frigid white , wind tunnel again ... to get to Fredericton . And the Hotel .
Ah , the ECMA .

Thursday, February 07, 2008

ECMA time again already ? Good luck to all the musician types .

Kimmie and Wesley head to Calgary. Take care . Make money . Come Home .

Saturday, February 02, 2008

The DAVE MARSH album , entitled ,

The True Love Rules ...

A mock up of the scaled down ( imminent ) release .
Co-produced by our boy Joel Plaskett , whom guests on several songs along with a bench full of indie-rocker types .
13 , posssibly 14 , original tracks laid to tape ! Like so many of us before .
Available in fashionably obsolete CD . (again with the imminent ) and this site right cheer .

Friday, February 01, 2008

Emergency bassist Chris Pennell will be performing this evening as his alter-ego , Crispen Elk , with his alternate outfit , YELLOW JACKET AVENGER . It's the cd release so check it out , if you can navigate the first class ice storm that has shown up , at Gingers . They're real good .