Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Tailor Wendy Rofihe created this westernware suit for Joel Plaskett Emergency drummer DAVE MARSH in the style of Hank Williams' famous NUDIE creation . Contact her for info re; shirts , jackets , suits and all yr westernware needs.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Thrush Hermit reunion show at The Paragon in Halifax was the biz and a regular old home coming week . Great to see so many friends out and on the scene . Many of us direct from Super Friendz' Drew Yamada's birthday partay . Opener Dave Marsh and The True Love Rules rocked it , complete with baritone saxophonist Dawn Hatfield , for the timely tune The New Laura Stein ( which name checks Laura Stein , bassist for mid 90's Halifax band and Hermit contemporaries , Jale ) . Also two back up singers in Dawn Negus Jr and Kelly Sloan for the Hermit -requested Steve Miller cover , Fly Like A Beagle .
The Hermit themselves were loud and proud , just like Nazareth , and clearly still riding a natural high when they all joined us at 3am .
And everybody had a goodyear and pursued many laffs deeeep into the night down at Tribeca .

Any reviews of any of the recent Hermit gigs ?