Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Years eve !

First Thursday recording was bedded in six and is now in the hands of the Silverchilde. Expect a

fresh and tuneful start to the year.

Tomorrow night sees Sloan at the Casino Nova Scotia for two shows. It also sees the last night of

our beloved best club in town, Tribeca. Home to many a True Love Rules gig and JPE alumni.

Forced into closure by the man, who will never understand, whomever he is. Don't trust him.

So Happy New Years eve to all ! 2012 holds promise. Keep yr faith. Rock on ! xo

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thanks to all the rock and rollers for making 3 Nights at the Seahorse,... 3 nights to remember. And thanks to our opening acts, the enigmatic Jay Smith, tight as a can of sardines, Mardeen, and the umber flak enforcement of Yellow Jacket Avenger.

The JPE will be recording at New Scotland yard in January with the new tunes coming fast and furious outta the gate on a weekly basis.

In Halifax this week ? Visit the, soon to be no more, cozy confines of Tribeca for The True Love Rules and Gloryhound on Thursday night. Part of the annual come home week every Christmastime just never know who's gonna hop on stage.

Season's Greetings earthlings !